ISO 45001:2018

ISO45001:2018 is the internationally recognised standard for the management of occupational health and safety in the workplace.

The design focuses on creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for employees, visitors and anyone else affected by the company’s activities. By helping businesses to establish control of their legal and regulatory requirements, as well as identifying and controlling the associated risks, ISO45001 seeks to eliminate potential hazards or implement controls to minimise their effect.

Stringent legislation and a developing economic and social policy have resulted in an increased requirement to demonstrate health and safety compliance. This standard employs a process driven framework to enable thorough assessment in the workplace and increase organisational resilience through proactive risk prevention.

Applying the principles of ISO45001 not only broadens your business opportunities, it enhances your reputation as a health and safety conscious organisation. Brand responsibility is also demonstrated through due diligence and good governance. A safer working environment with reduced risk of injury ensures you look after one of your most valuable assets – your employees.

There are significant benefits in obtaining ISO45001:2018 certification:

  • Enhance your company’s reputation as a health and safety conscious organisation and reassure customers that your services are delivered within legal compliance.
  • Reduce the risk of potential litigation cases by minimising the occurrence of accidents in the workplace, as well as encouraging employees to take an active role in health and safety matters.
  • The potential to attract lower insurance premiums by demonstrating strong due diligence in managing and protecting employees.
  • Peace of mind for your employees as ISO45001 promotes a safer working environment through a heightened awareness of your health and safety policies.
  • The only flexible occupational health and safety system for businesses, regardless of a company’s size or sector, that is recognised globally.

Occupational health and safety is a major consideration for a successful business.

Implementing this standard is often a fundamental part of risk management, enabling businesses to be proactive when approaching health and safety in the workplace.

Utilising a flexible approach, our assessors are focused on assisting you in developing a comprehensive risk management strategy, with simple and cost-effective solutions.

ISO45001:2018 is designed to integrate seamlessly with other standards (ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017)

As they share many of the same principles, choosing a combination of any of these complementary standards can provide you with considerable value for money.

Simply let us know your requirements for a fixed fee quote.

We provide consultancy, assessment and certification to the relevant standards:
ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 or ISO/IEC 27001:2017

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