Frequently Asked Questions

Does QSC have experience in different industry sectors?

Yes, QSC has helped a wide range of industry sector businesses achieve ISO registration.

How long have you been operating?

QSC has been assisting companies to obtain ISO certification for almost 20 years.

Will our existing systems need to change?

No, the systems provided by QSC are tailor-made to suit your company and are designed to work in conjunction with your existing processes. You will not have to change your working procedures to become compliant. The rule is “say what you do and do what you say”.

Will my ISO system be difficult to implement and manage?

No, your systems are produced by a highly qualified auditor, removing the costly and time-consuming aspect of trying to produce them in-house. The standards are now far simpler to manage and self-audit than previous versions, but we are always available to offer ongoing support should it be required.

How will my company benefit from ISO registration?

The main focus of ISO certification is to ensure efficient processes and a positive experience for customers, applying to both service and manufacturing sectors. Benefits include improved quality of service, increased customer satisfaction and enhanced process control. For more specific benefits, please read the relevant ISO certification page.

How long will it take to become certified?

Typically the certification process takes between 60-90 days.

How much will it cost?

QSC offers a bespoke certification service, with transparent, fixed fee solutions, eliminating hidden costs or unexpected invoices. Simply let us know your requirements for a no-obligation quote.

Why QSC?

QSC is a company of professional business consultants, providing a range of cost-effective consultation, assessment and certification services. Our team of highly qualified auditors will assist in developing a straightforward, integrated approach ensuring ISO certification is achieved simply and efficiently.

What are the typical steps for certification?

Our certification process generally follows four key steps:

  1. Initial assessment
  2. Documentation preparation
  3. Certification awarded
  4. Maintaining compliance

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